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Commission Requests 
(currently open)


My Goal


As an abstract painter, I aim to create custom pieces that reach my clients on an emotional level.  


I find joy in connecting with people through commissions and in hearing how colors, shapes and lines influence you. My goal when creating custom work is to produce something that resonates with you and that suits your space.

I appreciate the freedom my clients give me to do my thing when it comes to commissions... Thank you thank you! 

How it Works


Commissions are born out of 5 preferences I will discuss with you: 

- Size

- Color palette 

- Shape

- Surface (I primarily work on paper, wood, and canvas) 

How Much & How Long


My commissions are priced based on size and materials. I am always open to a conversation about pricing.

I make it a priority to finish commissions exactly one month from the start date. Please note that, if shipping/handling is required, the time frame may be extended slightly.

Request a Commission


Think about a size, color palette, and surface you prefer, and email me at to discuss a commission. 

Past Commissions

DDA839EF-0188-43E6-85EA-421A4BDF70A9 2.JPG
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