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video by Carlina Muglia

The decisions I execute when making art speak to the study of contained and compartmentalized forms and how we respond to them. I start with painting, creating varying textures and colors which act as catalysts for the ink. From this comes a series of problem-solving: What do I do with these marks? Where do they belong, and how do I get them there? As each piece progresses, a more intentional orchestration of harmony is born.


The Circle is important in my work. It represents a continuum and serves as a focal point throughout each piece. Individual circular shapes provide space for the eye to rest like marks of punctuation. The circular aspects of my art serve as simple, primal symbols among entropy, which become ultimately meditative. 


There is a rush stimulated by putting elements in just the right place. I emphasize that place by outlining and connecting these elements so that it feels like a focused meditation on color and space. Everything is contained, and I am left with a sense of calm. This process becomes centering in that it is a means to expand my understanding of myself and my surroundings.

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